Wear a prayer "Hiyah!"

CHABUKI is Exclusive to the HIVE & Co.

Take a look at the new Chabuki jewelry line that launched using prayer beads, buddha heads, semi precious stones crystals & lava. A few of the bracelets are made by Ash, Jet and Ryan (sons & hubby).

If you own anything Chabuki, let us know what secret powers you gain when you adorn yourself :)

ROOTS The Beauty Underground

Get your beauty from within

ROOTS the Beauty Underground is a Non-Toxic Cosmetic Shop for men women and children in Laguna Beach

Laura Linsenmayer says “It is my job to do all of the research and provide my guests with cosmetics that are as clean as possible as well as having high performance results”.
ROOTS feels they are just as much passionate about the toxicity in their beauty products as they are about the results you are getting.
ROOTS is committed to staying on top of the organic beauty industry and always providing the community with the newest most amazing non-toxic, organic cosmetics available. 949 424 4266


  • Hours

    Sunday Closed for Beauty Rest
    Monday-Saturday 10am - 6pm

  • Location

    384 Forest Ave Suite 9
    Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Hopefully you're rethinking your same old same old that makes you feel so-so. Try something new from Roots and share the love below :)


The gallery of paintings below are a part of the PALMS collection by artist TREVOR SEGRAVES. Please inquire about size and pricing. These are gorgeous large scale pieces and they emote a sense of calm as they cut the sky with ragged silhouettes of worn textures, bleached colors & dark deepness. The Palms are a perfect compliment a contemporary atmosphere as they break up traditional rigidity with their asymmetric balance and compressed color tones.

INQUIRES - email

Do you know someone with a TREVOR SEGRAVES painting? Let me know their number because they must be cool :)